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There is a Creator in you

July 18, 2017

There is a creator in you

II Tim 3: 7 “Always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth”.

In this scripture, I believe Paul was saying to Timothy, there are individuals who are always learning biblical truths but fail to apply the things they learn. They gain biblical insight but fail to live it out because truth does not resonate to the degree that it brings lasting change. When truth has a place of priority it opens the door to action. Conversely, there are people who are lifelong learners but never utilize the knowledge they gain to create anything or to do anything productive or of significance. You can obtain tons of Information but if it does not give you Inspiration, you will not have an Aspiration to create and your life can end up fruitless.

I believe this is a God ordained moment to look within to determine where you are.  It is a moment to recognize that you are no longer just a learner but God has given you the ability to be a creator. This doesn’t mean you stop learning rather you use the learning you have gained to become who God ordained you to be or to fulfill his purpose for your life.  God wants you to tap into the creative ability he put in you. Therefore, all the learning and experiences you have had to date empowers you to create or accomplish something that will have a lasting impact and leave a legacy of life. You need to know that there is a creator in you and God wants to draw it out.

Did you know that Walt Disney was fired by the editor of a newspaper because he said he had no good ideas? However, that didn’t stop him from achieving in his life. Rather, Walt Disney created the world’s greatest theme park, Disney World, which is visited by millions every year and at its core is “Creativity”

I believe it’s time to leverage the learning and relationships you have built. Did you know that you are connected to resource providers? People in your sphere of influence who can become great resources to help enable you to accomplish those God ordained opportunities set before you.  The key is to use the model of Jesus. He had an inner circle of trusted disciples, then a group of twelve, and a larger group of disciples.  Today, I am encouraging you to see and to tap into the creator in you.

False Starts

August 22, 2017

False Starts

I Cor 9: 25 (TLB) says “In a race everyone runs, but only one person gets first prize. So run your race to win”.

As a sprinter on our high school track team I remember to this day the words of the announcer before every race. He/she would say "Runners to your mark, get set,” and then the gun goes off to start the race. If you start early, move forward or flinch in any way, you are charged with a false start and can be disqualified. It does not matter if you are Usain Bolt, the fastest human ever and everyone in the world wants to see your race; a false start disqualifies you. I am so glad God doesn't eliminate us from the race of life because of “false starts”. Most, no probably all of us, would be disqualified. God in his grace and mercy does not disqualify us for false starts or missed opportunities. He is the God of the second, third, and exponential chances.

The fact is, there are many of us whose lives are littered with false starts and its’ companion; good intentions. However, the follow through and commitment to finish is severely lacking. Then we wonder why we can't get ahead or lack opportunity for forward mobility. False starts and good intentions are not ingredients for moving forward and living with purpose. If intentions were money most of us would be rich. How many times have we intended to start back to school to get a degree or complete training to better prepare ourselves for success and greater opportunities? How many times have we intended to develop a financial plan in order to become financially solvent and eliminate stress because of mountains of debt? How many times have we intended to start an exercise program or change our lifestyle habits to become healthier? How many times have we told God we intended to do something for him and not follow through? We live a life of constant “fits and starts” (starting and stopping) but rarely finishing. To borrow from a well-known proverb "The road to an unfulfilled life is paved with good intentions”.

I encourage you to eliminate good intentions and become intentional in life. Being intentional means developing a well thought out plan with goals, objectives and a timeline. Being intentional means focusing more on the outcome and not where you are now or setbacks you have experienced. Being intentional is the willingness to make sacrifices to win in life and be successful. You say to yourself "whatever it takes". The writer says “So run your race to win”. I encourage you to chase your goals & dreams and don’t easily give up on them because of adversity. Be purposeful in everything you do. Take full advantage of opportunities God sets before you. When we look back over our lives it will not be ladened with regrets or the case of what I call the “shoulda, woulda, couldas”. I should have, I wish I would have, or I could have. Rather we will be like Paul as he was preparing to be executed for his faith. He wrote Timothy in II Tim 4: 6,7 and said “For I am already being poured out like a drink offering, and the time for my departure is near. I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith”. He was saying that he completed his purpose. He had done all God asked him to do. He had no regrets. He was going home to be with the Lord.

Let us make the decision today "no more false starts" and see what new doors will open to secure our future.

Keith Echols, MA, Life Coaching

[email protected]

Ground Zero: Expectation

August 29, 2017

Ground Zero: Expectation

Prov 13: 12 (RSV) states “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life”.

The writer of Proverbs so aptly stated a powerful truth, that is hope (expectation) deferred (put off, delayed, or postponed) brings heartache and disappointment into our lives but when our goals, dreams, and aspirations are reached they bring life (joy and strength) to us.

Expectation is Ground Zero in our lives. So many people live their lives either without expectation or by putting it on the shelf and never aspiring to reach for it. The result is living life going through the motions or without purpose. The late Myles Monroe said in his book The Principles and Power of Vision, “The poorest person in the world is the person without a dream.”

What are you expecting for your life? What are your goals, dreams, and aspirations? What is the thing that brings passion and energy into your life to drive you forward? It cannot be the same ole same ole mindset. The fact is; you can’t expect, if you have the same ole mindset, because it is a defect, that will cause your dreams to become suspect, and keep you perpetually upset. It brings defective thinking and lulls you into a sense of false comfort. The same ole same ole makes you think that where you are now is where you will always be. It causes you to believe that there is no place for more or better in your life. You inaccurately surmise “Why have dreams and expectations because they are the source of disappointment. It is what it is”. The same ole mindset is a goal stealer, dream killer, and destroyer of aspiration.

In John 10: 10 (NIV) Jesus said “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” The same ole mindset doesn’t allow you live life to the full rather it brings emptiness and un-fulfillment. God Forbid. We should desire what Jesus expects for us. He said he came that we might have life and live it to the fullest or in essence become all God wants us to be. We should live a life where goals, dreams, and aspirations drive us forward and energize us to keep reaching towards that place of fulfillment and renewed life. The place where not enough doesn’t exist, just enough is not good enough, and more than enough is the gold standard. If we are living life to the full as Jesus stated our lives will become a place of overflow to be a blessing in the lives of others. Your life becomes sustenance to others; a tree of life.

Every time our hopes, dreams, and aspirations are fulfilled it brings new life and a renewed desire to keep driving us forward. With every milestone reached we gain a heightened sense of awareness of what it takes to get to the next level in our walk with God and in our lives. We can no longer afford to bury our dreams and expect less out of our lives. God has so much more for each of us. The key is; we have got to expect more for ourselves.

It starts at Ground Zero: Expectation.

Keith Echols, MA, Life Coaching

[email protected]