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Harvest Hands Coaching Ministry

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"Coaching designed to stir individuals towards reaching their goals and releasing God's ordained purpose"

What is Christian Coaching?

Christian Coaching involves a one on one relationship between the coach and individual with the express purpose of guiding and enabling the client to move from where they are today to where God wants them. This involves self-assessments, vision steering, and goal setting designed to help the individual to chart a pathway forward. Additionally, the coach provides the necessary tools, resources, and guidance to enable the individual to take positive steps to fulfill their purpose and reach their goals.

What Coaching Harvest Hands Provides?

Harvest Hands provides coaching in various areas including Life, Spiritual, and Financial Coaching. We believe God wants us to prosper in every dimension of our living; spiritually, physically, emotionally, and financially. The goal of coaching is to coming along beside individuals on their journey to growth (spiritual & personal). We believe it’s the coach’s role to set the environment for individuals to take responsibility for change so they can move forward in their lives. Coaching begins with establishing a relationship centered in trust where the individual feels free to share their heart without the fear of feeling judged or not being accepted. It is our belief that Coaching aids individuals to find their passion, cultivate vision, set goals, and have an accountability relationship to propel individuals forward to realize their dreams and goals.

How do I start a Coaching Relationship?

Contact Harvest Hands Inc via phone, email, or website and express your desire to connect with a coach. Someone will contact you to set up and initial screening. During the initial screening your goals and objectives for coaching will be discussed and a self-assessment will be given to help identify areas of need and where you are. Once the initial assessment is complete, an opportunity will be provided for you decide to move forward into a coaching arrangement.

Coaching Agreement

If the decision is made to connect with a Coach, the coaching agreement reviewed and signed by the client. The agreement is a commitment to establish a coaching relationship for a set period. The coach and client will set times and move forward to begin the process of establishing a plan to help reach goal attainment.